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This is the first time I’m doing this.  I’m hoping to do it weekly…but you guys know how that goes.  One things for sure, I’ll do it again and I’ll probably do it on a Friday.  Yay!

I’m going to include some weekly thoughts, links I loved, and some other tidbits.


Weekly Thoughts

So, many of the people who read this blog right now are friends or family members.   You know that I’ve been on weight watchers for several months now.  My progress has been slow, but my progress has been slow on any diet I’ve ever been on.  Mostly because I think my weight issue is a little deeper than a few years of being lazy.  I struggle with emotional eating, and and I also struggle with mental illnesses that impact the way that feel and process emotions.  Weight Watchers is a part of my life right now, and that’s why I decided to start sharing recipes that have Smart Points calculated for them.  I’ve read another member say that you have to make weight loss your job.  So for me, I think that has to be a part of the food I’m writing about.

I used to do keto recipes because I was on keto. I love keto, and I wouldn’t mind being on it again.  It just doesn’t fit into my life right now and I think it would be too difficult to try and mash it in place.    I do some work for another food site that is keto based and I still love it.

Recently I happened on a keto forum.  I saw someone saying that she was staying with a friend who’s on weight watchers.  The friend was trying to accommodate her by asking what foods she needed at her house for the diet, and the thread kind of evolved into a slag fest on weight watchers.  I thought it was cool that another WW member who is on keto spoke up…but it’s not the first time I’ve seen people slag Weight Watchers.

I think there is a big misconception about what WW is today.  You can eat whatever you want.  WHATEVER YOU WANT.  There is no food off limits to me, and that is so freeing.  Weight Watchers turns calorie or other type of macro counting into a different type of budget.  They weight higher protein foods so they more easily fit into your diet, and they weight foods that are higher in fats and sugars so they are harder to fit into your diet.  You can eat whatever you want as long as you can budget for things, and after a while the points become really easy to remember.  There are low carb, vegan, low fat, paleo, sugar free, and any other kind of diet you can think people are a part of on Weight Watchers.   The program includes a great support system through the weekly meetings, online program, and other stuff they come out with.  I hear so many people chide that all us members must be brainwashed – but maybe we all just really like the program?  If we didn’t would we keep paying for it?  It’s expensive!

I think the validity of WW is not the main issue here though.  The main issue for me is that whatever program you are on should work for you, and you should respect other people if they are doing something different that works for them.

Journal Posts:

I have another blog where I post things that do not fit into GetinMykitchen’s core themes.  This week I posted:

Let’s go to Japan!  where I talked about finally starting a savings account to travel to Japan once I complete my weight loss goals.  I’ve been wanting to go for 15 years so it’s about time I started planning for a trip, even if it’s several years off at least.


Links I loved:

How to Stop Emotional Eating by Andie Mitchell.
14 Black Cocktails by Gothic Life
How to Stay Positive and Avoid Being Bored as a Mom – Keeper of the Home
No Bake Ice Cream Cake with a Melted Cone Ice Cream Topper – Lindsay Ann Bakes
How to Use Tapioca as a Pie Thickener – Say what? Do I even own tapioca?  This is great!
31 Essential Ingredients for No Cook Meals – This is perfect for the summertime when the last thing you want to do is fire up anything heat generating.

Stuff I’m Excited About:

♥  I just picked up “Quieting Your Heart,” and it’s a 30 day prayer and bible study journal that is also kinda a coloring book.  Can’t promise I’ll do anything for 30 consecutive days…but there will be 30 days in total.  Eventually. xD

♥  Tomorrow we are going to see Perfume in concert!!!

Entertainment for Laundry Folding Time

At Home Dad

Recently I finished watching a Japanese drama called, “At Home Dad.”  It was so wonderful, but sadly only 12 episodes.  It follows the lives of two households that live next to each other.  One has a powerful business owner wife, and a stay at home dad husband that takes care of their son.  The other is an ad executive with a stay at home wife and a daughter.  The husband loses his job and the wife ends up going back to work, leaving him as the reluctant stay at home dad who has no idea about what his wife does all day!  At first the two husbands hate each other, but they form a friendship with both helping each other out.

I thought the show as cute and funny.  The husband doesn’t just have to navigate the housework and parenting.  He also has to learn how to become a part of the neighborhood and make nice with all the other wives in the area.  He has to learn how to deal with all of the demands of a kid in a Japanese kindergarten, and even the most mundane things like how to get the best deals while grocery shopping!  A lot of the tips come from the seasoned at-home-dad like, “Don’t get the big cart – get the little basket so you don’t buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need!”  The newbie homemaker will really surprise you with his character development too.  If you get a chance to check it out, I really recommend it!  It’s perfectly light-hearted, but I’m not gonna lie some parts really made me cry because of how sweet it is too.


Till next time-!


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I’ve been working hard on turning Get in My Kitchen’s Pinterest page into a real recipe resource.  We now have lots of boards full of everything you need to start planning your meals for the week and even just do some kitchen experiments.  You’ll find all of our pins, healthy finds that you’ve gotta try, and even lots of indulgences.  Give us a follow if you’re on Pinterest too!

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Kyari Pamyu Pamyu Vlog | 2016 San Francisco Show

Here is the vlog from going to see Kyari Pamyu Pamyu live in San Francisco at the Regency Ballroom!  It was a really great event!  We didn’t get any footage of the show itself but you can see what kind of merch we got, what the stage setup looked like, and how our trip up there was.

As a side note – our son loves KPP!  The show sold out, and while we were looking for a babysitter we found out that the venue allows kids as long as you have a ticket.  Bummer!  We could have taken him!  So, next time KPP comes by we hope that we can take Bruce too.  We just gotta find some of the hearing protectors that they make for children.  I looked up some of the other venues we go to and some of them allow for children 4 and up.  So,  I guess it wont be long now that we can start introducing the wonderful world of live music to his life.  Hahah!


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Reuben H. Fleet Science Center | San Diego Vlog

Here’s the second day of our San Diego vlog. We visited Balboa Park – home to many museums, lots of attractions like the Spreckels Organ Pavilion, science museums, children friendly museums, and so much more! We barely touched the tip of the iceberg here so I hope we get a chance to go back and explore the park even more.

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The San Diego Zoo: Visiting Pandas and Tigers

Entrance to San Diego Zoo: Blog post and video review.


The San Diego Zoo was first on our list for our summer vacation.  The kid’s were super pumped to visit with pandas, tigers, polar bears, monkeys, elephants, and so many other animals.

Tickets from the San Diego Zoo.

Tickets are $50 for adults.  We opted to buy them online before we left, because I found some online coupons.  I decided to use the “Self Service Kiosk” option instead of printing them from home.  (Mostly because I don’t have a printer.)  I was glad that I did that because the kiosks are really easy to use and you get these awesome looking passes.  Perfect for tucking into your scrapbook.

San Diego Zoo Skyfari aerial tram

One of the reasons that we felt like the tickets were worth it was that the San Diego Zoo is SO HUGE!  We spent about 6 hours there, and walked around the park at least twice.  Even if your child is old enough to walk, you may need a stroller.  If you forget to bring one they have some in various sizes for rent.  Luckily with the 1 day passes you also get access to the Skyfari aerial tram.  It runs between opposite corners of the park and is pretty quick.  After making our first loop around the park we took the tram towards the back corner.  We then walked back to front using the path we hadn’t been down yet.  You also get access to a guided bus tour, and the kangaroo express.  The kangaroo express is kind of like the zoo’s public transit.

Flamingos at the San Diego Zoo.

The first thing we saw when we went inside was a big lake exhibit full of these pink flamingos.  We thought the way this guy was sitting on his legs was really funny looking!

San Diego Zoo Tiger

The kids really loved the animals!  Sometimes I worried about the kids because the zoo has a lot of wire rope style fences, but there are a lot of things that the zoo built with them in mind.  I saw multiple tot friendly play areas, and many of them were placed near the lines to the more popular exhibits.  The polar bears had fake ice caves that they could crawl through, and there’s a playground near the main food court.

San Diego Polar Bears


I took a lot of video clips of all the different experiences we had at the San Diego Zoo.  There’s footage of gorillas, elephants, monkeys, birds in the atrium, hippos, and many others.  Since it’s a vlog you can also see where we stayed and what we did afterwards with our family.  Check it out:

Have you visited The San Diego Zoo before?  Leave a comment and let me know what your favorite parts were!

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